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April 2019
European Wax Center: #AxThePinkTax
European Wax Center: #AxThePinkTax
European Wax Center Integrated Ad - #AxThePinkTax
European Wax Center Integrated Ad - #AxThePinkTax


By the age of 30, the average woman is charged an extra $40,000 because of the Pink Tax, which is the extra amount of money women are charged for everyday products and services. It's real and it's everywhere....and to take action, European Wax Center (EWC) is launching the next phase of its Clio award-winning #AxThePinkTax campaign to raise awareness about this gender price discrimination.

Year two of this 360 campaign takes the brand's efforts one step further and encourages women everywhere to take active steps to claim their worth. From driving awareness to providing women with the information and tools they need to take action, European Wax Center is igniting a movement that is making the Pink Tax impossible to miss.

Inclusive of social and digital content, OOH, live events, an influencer program, an in-center take over across 700+ locations, and a new dedicated website -- complete with a birthday calculator so that women everywhere can see how much the Pink Tax has cost them to date -- among other components, the campaign unapologetically calls out the absurdity of The Pink Tax and debunks anyone doubting the real-ness of this issue by showing gendered price discrepancies that follow women their entire lives, “from cradle to cane.”

Integrated advertisement created by Laundry Service, United States for European Wax Center, within the category: Beauty.

Strategic / Creative Lead / Digital: Laundry Service, USA
Media Planning and Buying: SwellShark
Public Relations: HvM
Creative: Pereira O’Dell
Multicultural Advertising: Republica Havas
In-center Merchandising: Man84
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