Dear White Parents

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August 2021
Dear White Parents: Dear White Parents
Dear White Parents Integrated Ad - Dear White Parents


An intimate view of enlightening, sometimes uncomfortable, family discussions focused on parents helping their children understand racism through current events and sharing their own stories about how they first became aware of racism. Directed by Academy Award nominee Kevin Wilson, Jr. with narration by anti-racism educator Dr. Ronda Taylor Bullock, Dear White Parents asks the critical question, “How old were you when you first became aware of race?” The ADL, a leading anti-hate organization, developed a custom discussion guide to help parents discuss the topics raised in the Dear White Parents film. Visit for this, a curated library of age-driven resources and discussion guides, as well as anti-racism workshops and discussions.

Integrated advertisement created by Brooklyn Brothers, United States for Dear White Parents, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

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