A project on mental health + the creative mind

May 2019



Creatives are up to 4X more likely to develop mental health problems + their job is based on their own thoughts, ideas and emotions—and to have them judged by others. In addition, the creative industry is full of pressure + has pretty few regulations (read: is a bloody mess). This combination has resulted in an industry packed with people struggling with mental health issues, but despite how common it is, there is little to no conversation, information or actions made to change it, and many feel alone and abnormal when the troubles come knocking— which only amplifies the issues.

Creative Confessions is an initiative out to change it :) Our mission is to 1) promote openness to fight feelings of loneliness and abnormality and 2) develop tools for schools, hubs and offices that can help prevent mental health issues.

We just did a pre-launch, releasing an anonymous survey on creativity + mental health, with the purpose of giving creatives 30 minutes of valuable self reflection, and at the same time figure out what seems to be the biggest challenges in the industry, and most importantly: how to change it.


Founder / Creative Director: Veronica Mike
Brand Designer: Jana Papiernikova
Animation: Veronika Artiuschenko
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