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November 2020
Consonant Skincare: The More You O
Consonant Skincare: The More You O
Consonant Skincare: The More You O
Consonant Skincare Integrated Ad - The More You O
Consonant Skincare Integrated Ad - The More You O
Consonant Skincare Integrated Ad - The More You O


Relaunching as Consonant Skin+Care, the fiercely independent brand aims to usher a more truthful approach to skin care that combines its award-winning, clinically proven products with a range of wellness practices - from mindfulness to nutrition. When adopted with regularity, this practice of skin care and self-care has proven to bring about healthier, more glowing skin.

In partnership with creative agency Zulu Alpha Kilo, Consonant Skin+Care has relaunched with a new visual identity, including all-new packaging, and a website designed to introduce consumers to its holistic philosophy. And to demonstrate the brand’s new formula, their first campaign focuses on the skin care benefits of self-pleasure – one wellness practice that isn’t often discussed, especially among Canadian women.

“Masturbation causes a number of different physiological and psychological reactions in the body, from decreased stress levels to increased blood flow to the face, all of which help promote healthier skin” says Erika Schwass M.Sc., Science and Wellness Manager at Consonant. “A study of 3,500 people showed that those who masturbated at least three times per week looked on average 10 years younger than those who didn’t. Meanwhile less than half of women are masturbating regularly.”

Leveraging this rich insight, Consonant and Zulu Alpha Kilo, in collaboration with Mint, partnered with psychotherapist and sexologist, Taylor Nolan, to record Consonant's new podcast, The More You O. This 6-part mini-series was produced by Zulubot, Zulu’s in-house content creation studio, and explores how women can make the most of self-pleasure. Each episode includes a guided audio experience, and information about skin care products from Consonant’s line that would serve as a good pairing, bringing to life the holistic Skin+Care experience.

To set the mood for the podcast, Consonant Skin+Care is also releasing a limited-edition Come and Glow Bundle that includes four HydrExtreme Charcoal Sheet Masks, a mood-setting custom Consonant x Lohn candle and a pleasure toy from Dame. The program and bundle were amplified through influencer outreach and PR by Mint.

Integrated advertisement created by Zulu Alpha Kilo, Canada for Consonant Skincare, within the category: Beauty.

Advertising Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo, Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Zak Mroueh
Executive Creative Director: Christina Yu
Associate Creative Directors: Kevin Sato, Vinay Parmar
Art Director: Sarah Quinto, Andrea Por, Kevin Sato
Writer: Julia Forrester, Christina Roche, Vinay Parmar
Creative Director, Design: Ryan Booth
Digital Design Director: Vince Rozas
Designer: Kimberly Pereira, Gala Tanaskovic, Kevin Sato, Zoe Kim, Katina Constantinou, Omar Morrison, Petra Cuschieri, Jeff Watkins
Clients: William Baker, Kristina Breckon, Erika Schwass, Mary Ross
Agency Producer: Houng Ngui, Teresa Bailey
Account Team: Nadine Arsenault, Lisa Sousa, Skye Gandy, Nina Bhayana
Strategy Team: Heather Segal, Spencer MacEachern, Stephanie Gyles
PR Agency: Mint
PR Team: Sarah Garber, Samantha Margolis Fogle
Production House: Zulubot
Sound Engineer & Voice Director: Dino Cuzzolino, Stephen Stepanic
Producer: Mariya Guzova
Editor & Sound Design: Noah Mroueh
Social Media Editor: Cecilia Bernasch
Photographer: Sophie Sahara
Illustrator: Jacopo Rosati
Studio Artist: Ashleigh O’Brien, Jeannette Downes, Greg Heptinstall, Michelle Kennedy, Andrew Martin
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