What's Your 20/20?

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January 2020


This isn’t about another new year’s resolution. Instead, the agency wanted to create a wave of positivity to ride into the next decade – and boy do we all need it! We challenged ourselves to answer two (admittedly big) questions: How will you practice 20 minutes of self-care a day, and how will you practice 20 hours of greater good a year? Simply put: What’s your 20/20 vision?
The campaign kicks off with a video and is supported with beautiful imagery that will run on Connelly Partners’ social channels to reveal employees’ 20/20 visions. Influencers will also be activated through the month of January to post their own 20/20 and encourage others to participate. The campaign will be distributed to all staff, partners, clients and more in order to encourage participation using #WhatsYour2020 to tell the world how they plan to kick off the new decade with a 20/20 vision of their own. The goal was to showcase each person completely, without anything to hide, and an air of vulnerability. Connelly Partners did this through crisp full-length photography of each person against a stark white backdrop as well as candid shots. Participants wrote their 20/20 visions so that personal handwriting, each person’s own art, could be overlaid on assets. Video interviews between colleagues revealed personal stories and goals for the year. The culmination reveals a beautiful campaign that shows each person’s most human side as we bring positivity into the new year and decade. Connelly Partners has doubled down on defending humanity in a business that increasingly marginalizes it. It’s an approach the agency calls “Defiantly Human.” When copywriter Steve Connelly established Connelly Partners in 1999, he set out to show the world that doing great work didn’t mean sacrificing your humanity, humility or life outside of the office. What began as a two-person shop out of borrowed space has grown into the largest independent ad agency in New England.

Integrated advertisement created by Connelly Partners, United States for Connelly Partners, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.

Advertising Agency: Connelly Partners, United States of America
Chief Creative Officer: Alyssa Toro
Director Of Makers: Barry Frechette
Producer: Caitlin Boyle
Art Director: Brady Hall
Copywriter: Clark Shepard
Digital Producer: Bee Straszheim
Videographer/ Editor: Zander Cowen
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