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November 2020
Comunidad de Madrid: Consequences
Comunidad de Madrid: Consequences
Comunidad de Madrid: Consequences


The campaign is developed along 3 spots and their graphic adaptations. All the communication revolves around the consequences of not following the recommendations of the health authorities to protect against Covid 19. On this occasion, at Bijapy and Spafilms we have always been clear that we had to opt for a hard, direct and unshaded visual language, which shows the effects of not complying with the measures. Effects that often touch the people we love most and from our closest circles. And for this we rely on the resource of breaking the fourth wall, because the characters assume that they are fiction and talk to the public to which the campaign is targeted.

Skipping quarantine = Intubating your best friend

Unprotected family reunion = Burying your grandmother

Do not ventilate the house = Admit your wife to the ICU

Integrated advertisement created by, Spain for Comunidad de Madrid, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency:, Madrid, Spain
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