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September 2020
Citrix: You're made for bigger things
Citrix Integrated Ad - You're made for bigger things


Citrix believes technology should empower organizations to deliver a better employee experience. One where people have the tools they need to work the way they want. And where personal progress and purposeful work are the priority. Because that’s what drives business success.

To help them convey this message in a clear, concise and modern way, Huge, its new global agency, launched the company’s new brand with a new fully-integrated campaign, titled "You’re made for bigger things." Citrix’s new brand celebrates its commitment to give both businesses and individuals the space they need to succeed, and brings to life powerful Citrix stories of unlocked human potential.

The campaign brings to life powerful Citrix stories of unlocked human potential and highlights that when limits are taken off people, they can achieve big things. The creative program features a :60 second anthem film alongside a robust series of print, broadcast, and digital experiences.

The anthem film, titled “Superhero,” serves as a tribute to its customers who have relied on Citrix technology to support their employees. It captures the magical feeling that people have when they are able to realize their potential. When they are set free from constraints and can do what they do best. People are shot heroically in hyper-real slow motion as they go about their jobs, unleashed by the power of Citrix. We see them in a beautiful moment of absolute freedom empowered by Citrix. Just like superheroes.

Integrated advertisement created by Huge, United States for Citrix, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: Huge, Brooklyn, United States of America
Production Company: D7 / Smuggler
Director: Judith Veeneddaal
DoP: Noel Schoolderman
Music: Singing Serpent
Animation Director: Anne Calandre
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