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May 2017
CDOT Integrated Ad - Ride Wise
CDOT Integrated Ad - Ride Wise
CDOT Integrated Ad - Ride Wise
CDOT Integrated Ad - Ride Wise


While training is considered a requisite to greatness in virtually every serious pursuit, it is a non-priority for most motorcyclists. Even as crashes and fatalities continue to escalate, riders still stubbornly insist that the only way to get better at riding is to get on the bike and go.

To change riders’ attitudes towards training, we wanted to assert that “good enough” is decidedly “not great.” We used pinstriping – a popular artistic form amongst motorcycle enthusiasts – to equate hands-on training to greatness, and pushed riders to consider that while the road can be an avenue to personal freedom, it is also an unforgiving arena that commands the respect and commitment of those who mean to rule it.

Integrated advertisement created by Amélie, United States for CDOT, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Amélie Company, Denver, USA
Associate Creative Director: Eric Hines
Art Directors: Chelsea Anderson, Jennie Jarzabek
Senior Copywriter: Cecil Bozard
Copywriter: Rachel Edwards
Production Designer: Todd Fisher
Chief Creative Officer: Pat Feehery
Senior Account Executive: Josh Opat
Account Executive: Cari Stubbs
Account Director: Mackie Clonts
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