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October 2017


In South Korea, hidden camera sex crimes have increased by 540% in the last 8 years. The victims endure great suffering, some of them even resorting to suicide. But those who watch the voyeur videos do so without guilt.

To combat the issue, the police made fake voyeur videos. In the end, the woman in the video suddenly turns into a ghost-like character, scaring the viewer. The police went undercover and uploaded various fake voyeur videos onto 23 file-sharing sites – 170 videos per day, 3,500 videos in total.

As a result, 51,399 Peeping Toms downloaded the fake videos. The fear of the police watching curbed downloads, and the circulation decreased by up to 21%. The Stop Downloadkill Campaign took place from Oct.17 to Dec.17, 2017, and in November 2017, a bill to strengthen punishment for voyeur crimes was proposed in the National Assembly. *All data in the entry form are official police data

Integrated advertisement created by Cheil, South Korea for Busan Metropolitan Police Agency, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Cheil Worldwide, Seoul, Korea
Creative Directors / Art Directors: Hyungkyun Oh, Seongphil Hwang
Copywriter: Seungree Kang
Photographer: Jiwon Choi / JW Pictures
Chief Creative Officer (Chief Executive Officer & President): Jeongkeun You
Account Directors: Weonil Lee, Hyungwoon Kim, Seungjun Na
Designers: Wanmo Koo, Jeakyun Kim, Sungjin Lee, Taeyul Ko, Sanguk Na / Bounce Creative
Director: Hyunkuk Kwak / Uranium238
Cinematographer: Myungjun Kim / Freelancer
Gaffer: Eunki Lee / Freelancer
Executive Producer: Kyounghyun Kim / Junpasang Production
Production Designer: Seunghyun Jo / Junpasang Production
Film Producer: Hyungju Park / Junpasang Production
Editor: Junyoung Yang / Fat Boy
Flame Artist: Wonwoo Choi, Taehee Park / Fatboy
Sound Designer: Sunglae Hong
Music Composer: Jawan Koo / ON The Track
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