Troll Your Way

October 2019
Burger King: Troll Your Way


TROLLYOURWAY! This April Trolls' Day, it's all about real experiences.

With a long list of pranks to choose from, ONLY on the BK App, You can troll any way you like. Troll your friends with the KING and also receive an evidence of your feat on the app, because if you can't share it with the world, did it even really happen ?

To do this, one must register on the app with the name of their friend, where they would like to prank their friend i.e The self order kiosk, the live order counter, BK Delivery or the BK Drive Thru. Then select which prank they would like to have played on their friend. This generates a TROLL CODE which they can enter while placing their order on the 1st of April, which acts as an activation of the prank to be played. Leave the rest to Burger King.

As you share your friends humiliation with everyone on your instagram, share the limited edition whopper meals with the fool!

Entrant Company: NABA, Milan, Italy
Educational Instructor: Luca Pedrani
Educational Instructor: Eleonora Bartozzi
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