Fire Festival

April 2019
Burger King: Fire Festival
Burger King Integrated Ad - Fire Festival


Fyre Festival quickly became one of the biggest talking points of 2017 among teens, and again in 2019 with the release of Netflix’s "FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened" and Hulu’s "Fyre Fraud". The ambitious and promising festival turned out to be a total disaster, and left a wake of lawsuits, imprisonment, crazy stories, memes and documentaries.

Burger King harnesses this massive media circus and uses its power to create Fire Festival: a spoof-festival in The Bahamas as a prank, that becomes a platform for showcasing the flame-grilled superiority of the Whopper to a new generation.

To hijack social media we’ll announce the festival as if it was a true spoof on the original Fyre Festival. By utilizing the same strategy and platforms as the original, Burger King pranks everyone to think that they’ll actually create a new festival in the Bahamas. We’ll invite exclusive models just like Fyre did, and together with the Burger King-mascot, release an announcement video (the video you just saw) to create hype amongst our target audience. The models/influencers will perform the same task as the original, posting secret symbols on Instagram, but this time including our grill-marked symbol, helping to market it as a real festival. An official website will be created in order to really sell the festival. There, you can find detailed information about the festival, including schedules, menus (all Whoppers of course), and a list of artist and DJs who are totally in on the prank. Merch for our Fire Festival will accidentally be sold out, but given out for free to our artists and DJs in order to create a realistic hype on social media. When the hype is at its highest we’ll reveal the prank, and announce that the hype for our Fire Festival, actually was hype for our new and epic Super Bowl commercial. We’ll create a mini-Fire Festival inside an actual BK-restaurant, with artists, models, Whoppers and real Bahamas-sand. Who knows, maybe even Ja Rule makes an appearance? The aftermovie for our mini-festival will be our official Super Bowl commercial, which becomes a platform for showcasing the flame-grilled superiority of the Whopper. This will make our commercial the most hyped Super Bowl commercial, without people even knowing it.

Entrant Company: Westerdals, Oslo, Norway
Student: Erlend Løfald
Student: Sindre Johnstad
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