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July 2020


Integrated advertisement created by VO Citizen, Belgium for Bruxelles Mobilité, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: VO Citizen, Bruxelles, Belgium
Contacts: Camille Thiry, Véronique Dehasque, Alexandre Carlino
Creation: Maxim Deliège
Creation: François Daubresse
Strategy: Philippe De Wulf, Michaël Desmet
Project Developer: Michaël Desmet
Design: Maxim Deliège, Carole Mannekens, Joëlle Cerfontaine, Cédric Zwaenepoel
Photographer: Guillaume Kayacan
Film Production Company:
Director: Corantin Parmentier
Director: Basile Vuillemin
Dop: Olivier Boonjing
PR Manager: Karel Goethals, Simon Laval
Social Media Strategist: Diego Cortez Salas
Social Media Manager: Eva Sirgi
Social Media Creatives: Bruno Borges
Digital Project Manager: Serge Somerling
Web Development: Nicolas Hinckct, Bruno Borges
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