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April 2021


With BP Meal Deals, pizza people, pasta people, wing people — and yes, even salad people — come together as Meal Deal People. But Boston Pizza knew that BP Meal Deals alone might not alleviate mealtime tension. Thankfully the answer literally fell into its lap.

Introducing: BP Weighted Napkins.

BP Weighted Napkins bring an added measure of comfort to Meal Deal People about to tuck into their meal. This three-pound napkin takes the calming properties of weighted blankets and applies them to the laps of Meal Deal People.

“We invented the Weighted Napkin with Meal Deal People in mind,” said James Kawalecki, VP Marketing at Boston Pizza. “We know meal planning can be stressful, so the Weighted Napkin and our new Meal Deals are intended to help lower the stress.”

Weighing anywhere from five to 30 pounds, weighted blankets are typically used to help people with anxiety or who are having trouble sleeping. Sales have soared in recent years, with the Canadian market alone now worth $30 million. They mimic a therapeutic technique known as deep pressure stimulation to provide a sense of relaxation and well-being.

“We saw a lot of tension around mealtime. What to eat? Will they like that? Will they like me? Too much stress. But with a BP Meal Deal and this innovative BP Weighted Napkin, people can ease tension from the lap outward,” added Cam Boyd, Creative Director at john st., the agency that helped Boston Pizza create the promotion.

So, sit back, relax and be a Meal Deal person with your BP Weighted Napkin.

Integrated advertisement created by John St, Canada for Boston Pizza, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: john st., Canada
Chief Creative Officer: Cher Campbell
Creative Director: Cam Boyd
Copywriter: Marly Dichter
Art Director: Shirley Wang
Strategist: Daavi Wong Wolfson
Producer: Andrew LaGrave
Producer: Danielle Lloyd
Team Lead: Ian Brooks
Account Supervisor: Kelly Brennan
Production: FUZE Reps
Executive Producer: Nicole Gomez
Photographer: Chris Robinson
PR: Glossy
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