The Pre-Election Boom!

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October 2019


Every time an election in Bulgaria comes around, the same phrase is heard over and over - "one vote is worth two kepabcheta (a type of Bulgarian sausage)". But what if we 'bought' those votes back - for the price of one gourmet burger?

That's precisely why we created the Pre-Election Boom! Burger. And then gave it away for free to people from the areas with the most instances of election fraud. That is, under one condition - they have to promise to vote freely.

We also sold the special burger at Boom! restaurants, with 30% of the price of each going towards 'Transparency International' - an organisation combating corruption.

Integrated advertisement created by Human Agency, Bulgaria for Boom! Burgers, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Human Agency, Sofia, Bulgaria
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