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March 2019
Bloknot Anapa: Our Sea
Bloknot Anapa: Our Sea
Bloknot Anapa: Our Sea
Bloknot Anapa Integrated Ad - Our Sea
Bloknot Anapa Integrated Ad - Our Sea
Bloknot Anapa Integrated Ad - Our Sea


A new sea food brand was created and put on the shelves of supermarkets in Anapa, a coastal city. However, instead of actual food there was a rubbish, caught in the sea off the coast in Anapa. A sea cocktail of tins, Black sea mix of plastic bottles, cigarette stubs as sea bulls and a seafood salad with plastic bags – all this could be found on the shelves in shops during the campaign which ended with a city-wide community work day. The design of the package was created using the most frequent rubbish found in sea – plastic bottles, cups and bags, cigarette stubs and tins. This rubbish was put through a linocut after being colored with typographic colors. Final images were photoshopped and used in the packaging.

Integrated advertisement created by Possible, Russia for Bloknot Anapa, within the categories: Media, Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Possible, Moscow, Russian Federation
Branding Agency: Suprematika
CCO: Vlad Sitnikov
Creative Director: Artem Filimonov
Creatives: Marat Arutyunov, Yuri Altufiev, Mikhail Sinelshchikov, Nikol Antonyan
Producers: Valeria Mamaeva, Ksenia Boyarkina
Designers: Igor Smirnov, Fedor Nozdrin
Motion Designer: Andrey Geraskin
Colorist: Dmitry Litvinov
Creative Director: Vladimir Lifanov
Designer: Anastasia Ashukina
Motion Designer: Evgenia Maksimova
Director Of Photography: Aleksandr Butov
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