#BeGolden Campaign

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April 2018


In a time when divisiveness and hateful rhetoric have created a hostile environment for many immigrants living in this country, we saw a need to unite our community and restore civility and compassion towards immigrants. We created #BeGolden to improve the way we welcome immigrants to our community. Thanks to the universal unifying power of The Golden Rule, we were able to get city officials, religious leaders, and businesses to rally and giving the #BeGolden campaign tremendous momentum throughout North Texas. The campaign got the Mayor’s Office to implement #BeGolden as a cornerstone of the City’s Welcoming Program, several DISD schools have added #BeGolden to their class projects, and other cities have adopted #BeGolden as part of their community outreach programs. A notion as elementary as The Golden Rule was able to bring people’s guards down and embrace what brings us together, rather than focus on what set us apart.

Integrated advertisement created by Richards/Lerma, United States for #BeGolden, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

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