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November 2020
Backmarket: Freedom
Backmarket: Freedom
Backmarket: Freedom
Backmarket Integrated Ad - Freedom
Backmarket Integrated Ad - Freedom
Backmarket Integrated Ad - Freedom


To buy new is to value a race for innovation that has brought about the era of disposability in technology, over-consumption, the depletion of scarce natural resources and the planned obsolescence of a product only a few months after it has been put on the market.

Conversely, buying refurbished means choosing a fairer, more sustainable future by allowing very high-tech products to be sold at up to 70% cheaper than new ones.

A future that Backmarket is proud to be the standard-bearer. The brand is no longer the start-up challenger that has come to tease the giants of technology. The French leader of refurbished products, thanks to its 110 million euros raised this year and triple-digit growth, is now a real alternative to the culture of the new; and they want to make this known.

Integrated advertisement created by Marcel, France for Backmarket, within the categories: Electronics, Technology, Retail Services.

Advertising Agency: Marcel, Paris, France
Co-Presidents: Pascal Nessim, Charles Georges-Picot
Chief Creative Officer: Anne de Maupeou
Executive Creative Directors : Gaëtan du Peloux, Youri Guerassimov
Partner – Head of Global Business: Christophe Neyret
Artistic Director film: Laura Aondio
Copywriter film: Francesca Vitello
Artistic Director print: Vincent Boursaud, Alice Labau
Copywriter print: Virgile Lassalle
Illustration : Vasjen Katro
Associate Director: Sebastien Jauffret
Account Director: Yani Oukid
Project Manager: Lola Vezant
Motion: Olivia Garaud
Partner - Head of Strategic Planning: Ghislain Tenneson
Planner: Benoit Dumeunier
Model maker: Christophe Gillon
TV Producer: Cléo Ferenczi
Production: Insurrection
Director Producer: François Rousselet
Executive Producer Insurrection: Valentine Gomes
Postproduction: Karine Friang / Prodigious
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