Learn Outside the Lines

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September 2020


Establishing higher ed branding that is unique, authentic to the school and tailored for Gen Z has become increasingly challenging. Launching this kind of creative campaign during a pandemic? Even trickier.

Allegheny College, a 205-year-old, nationally ranked liberal arts school in Pennsylvania, just released a new branding campaign called "Learn Outside the Lines" and it looks at career development and major-minor selections differently.

At a time when so many schools are geared toward cattle-chute majors that point toward one specific job, Allegheny's campaign offers a different way of learning that gives graduates what employers crave: adaptability. Because no one works in a single job anymore. And no single job remains the same anymore. The campaign is rooted in something that truly makes Allegheny unique - its longstanding requirement that every student must minor in a subject wholly unrelated to their major.

Integrated advertisement created by Allen & Gerritsen, United States for Allegheny College, within the category: Education.

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