Cats In A Box

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December 2021


During pandemic, the number of abandoned animals on streets in Brazil increased dramatically. But, specially cats, that suffered with fake news about transmitting COVID-19 to humans. Because Adote Um Gatinho is an NGO that works with abandoned cats and their way to a new home, we saw an opportunity to increase awareness and also address an important message.

So, we invited people to think about cats adoption, with an emotional and yet funny approach. Using beautiful illustrations and a colorful and happy mood for a sensitive theme, and taking advantage of the relationship cats have with cardboard boxes.

Integrated advertisement created by DH / LO Creative Boutique, Brazil for Adote um Gatinho, within the categories: Pets, Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: DH,LO Creative Boutique, Recife, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Daniel Da Hora
Creative Director: Luciana Oliveira
Art Direction / Illustrations: Daniel Da Hora
Production Manager: Cynthia Aragão
Social Marketing Manager: Silvia Garwood
Client Team Director: Susan Yamamoto
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