Take it to Eleven

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April 2021
7-Eleven: Take it to Eleven
7-Eleven Integrated Ad - Take it to Eleven


7-Eleven has always provided quick and easy access to the practical, everyday necessities people need in order to keep going—but at the same time the brand understands that there’s more to life than surviving. Particularly in times like these, when our days rarely feel like a 10, it can be easy to overlook the small things that bring us joy. That’s why the brand has always gone out of its way to bring a little delight, a little fun, a little off-the wall, playful indulgence to everyone that it serves. That’s not just fueled by people’s physical needs. It’s about lifting peoples’ spirits, feeding their optimism and keeping them amused. The brand’s new tagline, “Take it to Eleven,” is born of the notion that 7-Eleven has always been a brand with customer-obsession at the core, going over the top to feed people’s joy and always meeting them where they are by offering small delights that are a bright spot in the day.

Integrated advertisement created by Dentsu, United States for 7-Eleven, within the category: Retail Services.

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