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April 2008

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Film advertisement created by David&Goliath, United States for Zoo York, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: davidandgoliath, USA
Chief Creative Officer: David Angelo
Executive Creative Director: Colin Jeffery
Art Directors: Federico Callegari, Gabriel Jeffrey
Copywriters: Colin Jeffery, Brett Landry
Producers: Carol Lombard
Account Executive: Jana Wentz
Executive Producer: Carol Lombard
Producer: Lisa Leone
Production Company: Rockhard Films
Director: Tony Petrossian
Director of Photography: Scott Winig
Executive producer: Lorraine Kraus
Line Producer: Mikha Grumet
Editing House: Spinach Editorial
Editor: Adam Bright & Tony Petrossian
Producer: Carol Lombard
Audio Mix: Lime Studios
Mixer: Sam Casas
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Blissful's picture

Fucken awesome idea. I just wish they would have edited a better video for it.
Anyone who never was really into skateboarding please don't comment on this.

Activity Score 142
Best ever!
kurtberengeiger's picture

I'm so out of it I almost thought skaters were being compared to roaches... Or vice versa.

Activity Score 7307
Graves™'s picture

Best thing I have seen in a while.

Activity Score 87
Graves™'s picture

Best thing I have seen in a while even if they never actually used real roaches except when the camera was directly on them.

Activity Score 87
hcook5150's picture
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TrainRunner's picture

i'm waiting for the day when skateboards stop using a fisheye lens to shoot.

Activity Score 223
Art Director
artiam's picture

wow, these kids are so bad ass that theyre marketers.

Activity Score 123
Crisp One's picture

Oh god let the hate fest begin.

Nice work guys,but the Cazadores spot is still my favorite from you guys though.

Crisp One
Activity Score 1989
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Crisp One's picture


Crisp One
Activity Score 1989
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klaussnow's picture

Awwwwesome, wonder if it was staged though.

Activity Score 1635
Art Director |

... its already been done...

nice gaijin's picture

Totally staged, but I laughed anyways. Now if they could breed cockroaches with logos on their back, they'd have a real marketing medium to be reckoned with.

nice gaijin
Activity Score 813
Pauflies's picture

As a skateboarder i don't like this ad.
Throwing roaches to people while disturbin people on the street isn't a good way to clean the dirty image we have.
I don't need the people talking good to us, but this is anoying.

Activity Score 205
Art Director at Art director / Road Publicity, Barcelona |


john doe's picture

very cool guerilla markting. good job!

john doe
Activity Score 1569
Art Director
talkingisfree's picture


Activity Score 2680
Art Director
Jarne von Wolfsburg's picture

* * * * *

guerilla marketing??? are you totally brainfucked? It`s just a spot prentending to be supercool. But if kiddies like and believe it, work seems to be done.

Jarne von Wolfsburg
Activity Score 258
Copywriter |

* * * * *

mikepants2005's picture

This is ace!

Activity Score 500
BAdman's picture

throwing roaches on people a 'great new marketing idea'. Its jackass in a commercial and thats it.
I dont understand how any of you think this is a good idea, and yes I am a skateboarder, and even if i wasnt I am pretty sure anyone can have an opinion on this.

Activity Score 23
Graphic Designer
Wordnerd's picture

Thats not a marketing idea.

But damn - this is one of the most freaking awesome image ideas i've ever seen! congrats!

Activity Score 6620
alfredo's picture

Look at us! We're crazy skateboarding rebels! We spray paint logos on roaches and throw them at people! We're trying so hard to be cool that we're actually not.

Activity Score 554
Art Director
Tripioso's picture

Yes. It is a jackass. But works for its market: rebel teens mainly.

Activity Score 442
Art Director at Grupo Wisa |

Life's a Trip. Enjoy the Ride!

Jetstream's picture

I agree with Pauflies,
throwing roaches to people on the street? if you want to shock, then please not just with roaches, you need a brilliant idea at first, and sorry but the wannabe homemade video "oh yeah we are the cool rebellious skater" is so fake. Jackass are cool because they did everything with themselves and don't attack other people.

Activity Score 115
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sharks8us's picture

it's advertising you fucks!!!! doesn't need to be real... and fuck skateboarders and their bad image... more people wear that brand than skateboarders... this is way too cool and all you dumbfucks who want things to be real and create a good image for akateboarders need to get a job as maths professors at a school closest to you

"float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! rumble young man, rumble"

Activity Score 36
Saigon, Vietnam |

"good artists copy. great artists steal"

BAdman's picture

smart comment, i'm sure you got a good career ahead of you

Activity Score 23
Graphic Designer
Pauflies's picture

No, better continue on advertising. Maybe i can be language teacher to help people to talk better...

Activity Score 205
Art Director at Art director / Road Publicity, Barcelona |


fifthbullet's picture

i hope skateboarders buying power can sustain the brand... else they will have one less brand to choose from.

Activity Score 184
Art Director |

criticize is way easier than create. use more brain.

diekatzeimglas's picture

I love you, Zoo.

Activity Score 16
Copywriter at Hamburg, Jung von Matt
whatshisname27's picture

Idiots catering to idiots! The copywriter who created this "roaches" campaign, especially the spot with the roach getting squashed by a skater, is a slimeball worse than the roaches whom he thoughtlessly uses for cruel juvenile fun. What a bunch of jerks. Cockroaches may seem worthless ot many, a pest, and so on, but the idea of squashing animal lives in such a cavalier manner, AND FOR COMMERCIAL REASONS, is abominable. But what can we expect from unprincipled advertising pricks like you. You're morally bankrupt from the word go. FUCK YOU ALL. —Stefan

Activity Score 2
Middle School, Vermont
Ripper's picture

To the jerks who created this cruel, tasteless ad:
You are reported to the American Humane Association. The ad is in violation of the law prohibiting animal cruelty in film and advertising.

And, regarding the wastes of human protoplasm who think it's "cool,"
I totally agree with Stefan. Yeah, it's really fun to hurt something smaller than you. Roaches are better than all of you a-holes.

The Ripper, Bronx.
Yeah, watch out. We are no longer just little old ladies in tennis shoes.

Activity Score 2

Veganism is an evolutionary step up.

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