Recruit Millions

June 2019


The vision of this sequence was a handmade, tactile aesthetic celebrating the 10th anniversary and unveiling a new logo for our product Zoho Recruit— a cloud-based recruiting software by Zoho. While the sonic language was layered and immersive, taking cues from Ae+ C4D animations, flat colour animations, stop motion and stock image motion, we teamed up and hunkered down to create these fun and eccentric rap jingle called "Recruit Millions". The network wanted graphic and visual concepts that allowed them to narrow down 113 professions. The result was a high-energy animated music video with a unique illustration style with various geometric shapes in the surrealistic ways that convey the diverse industry of recruitment.

Vocals/Rap: Blaaze
Music Composed, Arranged & Produced: B Prasanna
Sound Mixed & Mastered: Navneeth Balachanderan
Additional Moog Bass Programming: Prashanth Techno
Marketing Head: Kruthi Gonwar
Creative Writer: Rajendran Dandapani, Kruthi Gonwar
Animation Director: Raja Rathina Babu
Art Director: Sukhdeo Muni
Storyboards: Raja Rathina Babu, Sukhdeo Muni, Martin Livin
Animation: Martin Livin, Sukkhdeo, Gayathri Kandasamy, Raja Rathina Babu
Concept Artists: Sukkhdeo Muni, Martin Livin
Illustration: Sukhdeo Muni, Gayathri Kandasamy
3D & Composition: Raja Rathina Babu
Creative Director: Lingeswaran Marimuthukumar
Executive Producer : Rajendran Dandapani
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dope motion graphics!

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