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April 2015


Executive Director of Content and Delivery: Brian Cooper

Film advertisement created by BBDO, United States for Ziploc, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: Energy BBDO, Chicago, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Mark Taylor
Executive Creative Director / Copywriter: Mike Roe
Creative Director / Art Director: Amy Ditchman
Associate Creative Director / Copywriter: Dan McCormack
Head of Integrated Production: Rowley Samuel
Executive Producer: Melissa Barany
Senior Producer: Elena Robinson
Client Service Director: Stacie Boney
Digital Client Service Director: Josh Ehart
Senior Account Director: Nicole Guisto
Account Director: Rachel Levy
Senior Account Executive: Emmalee Anderson
Production Company: Honey Badger
Director: James Frost
Producer: Sam Khazaeni
Editor: Angelo Valencia / Beast
Graphics: Vitamin Pictures
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oh please...

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I think this is an interesting ad commercial for ziploc. I feel like they did a really great job using target techniques of IMC in order to get their message across. I am a ziploc user and I can say as a consumer I use these bags for everything more than anything. I use them when I cook, for travel, for storage, and for many other random things. The one thing I always wished for these bags to have was this specific added feature, the easy open tab. It seems that when I do make use of these bags I am on the go, so this small feature makes a big difference when talking about convince. Having these tabs added to the opening make it seem more easy to open and close these bags instead of going through the struggle of separating each side to try and open it. Although it may not seem like a big of a struggle, the addition only makes the bags more appealing. As a consumer, ziploc has made me love more the addition to the product I use more often and I will keep on buying this brand because they care for the little things that make a difference.

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I really enjoyed watching this ad, it was very entertaining. The Ziplock brand did a very good job adding features to their commercial to point out who their audience was and the message they were saying. It’s obvious that Ziplock was advertising towards mothers by having a little Ziplock Mother challenge. They also included some activities in this that mothers might experience day to day. Doing this mothers watching along with the ad can agree and relate to each task and be persuaded to purchase these special Ziplock Bags. At the end of the commercial I found that they let you subscribe and re-watch each of the contestants runs through the course. Doing this viewers are able to be active in the brand and item. I just felt that Ziplock did an amazing job by hitting home with the audience. It was very real putting the contestants through every day tasks and challenges, but they showed that these challenges made it easier with the use of their new Ziplock bag.

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