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March 2020


Beauty Industry is ruining the environment, and everyone uses beauty product in everyday. Without knowing or even know but not aware of how huge it affects. From harmful chemical for manufacturing, animal testing, devastating forest for vast of ingredients, to hi-end luxurious package. Everything has a cost, which the earth and nature have to pay for. "To make people and the world beautiful together" is Yves Rocher belief since day one. What is happening to earth right now, as a beauty brand we have to act something that can change people thought. Make them think twice about their beauty and lead them the way of beauty that be more respect to nature. We want to make everyone know that all of us can be beautiful together with the earth. Nowadays if it about beauty, people that everyone always follows and has an unreservedly influence on them is Beauty Bloggers and Influencers. So we decided to use these influential people as mediums to inspire those messages to everyone. Make people ask themselves about their way of beauty. We created the Real Review. The review that no one have ever said before. We partnered up with beauty blogger to review beauty product like they have done a hundred times. But this time it not just about how last long is the lipsticks or how oil free of powder. They reviewed about how every beauty product we use harm to the earth. Throughout the review, they did it on places that was harmed by our beauty: enormous trash mountain and polluted canal full of sewage. All of this, we hope it can set a new trend of beauty that the earth and us can be beautiful together, and make people join in Yves Rocher belief — "I won't be beautiful alone.”

Film advertisement created by Choojai & Friends, Thailand for Yves Rocher, within the categories: Beauty, Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Choojai & Friends, Bangkok, Thailand
Creative Director: Komsan Wattanavanitchakorn
Copywriter: Nonthapat Cholavit
Art Director: Nutthaporn Teppitak
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