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October 2010


Agency Director of Integrated Production: Tom Wright

Film advertisement created by agencytwofifteen, United States for Xbox, within the category: Gaming.

Advertising Agency: AgencyTwoFifteen, USA
Executive Creative Directors: Scott Duchon, John Patroulis
Art Directors: Steve Couture, Jeremy Diessner, Aramis Israel
Copywriter: Michael Illick
Agency Producer: Alex Spahr
Production Company: Psyop / Smuggler
Director: Psyop
Psyop Creative Director: Laurent Ledru
Executive Producer: Neysa Horsburgh
Line Producer: Alyssa Evans
VFX Supervisor / CG Lead Artist: David Chontos
Editor: Brett Nicoletti
Storyboard Artist: Paul Binkley
Zbrush Modelers: Rafael Grassetti, Justin Lewers
Modelers: Rie Ito, Wendy Klein
Rigger: Lee Wolland
Pre-Visualization: Victor Garza, Ben Liu
Lead Animator: David Bokser
Animators: Victor Garza, Chris Meek, Alejandro Castro
FX Artists: Allan Mckay, Ben Fiske
Matte Painters: Tim Clark, Elias Gonzalez
Look Dev TD: David Chontos
Lead Lighter: Denis Kozyrev
Light / Texture Artists: David Chontos, Denis Kozyrev, Katie Yoon, John Cook, Rafael Pratti
Compositors: David Chontos, Denis Kozyrev, Katie Yoon
Flame Artist: Alex Kolasinski
Music: "Young Men Dead" by The Black Angels
Mix: Hector Perez, Music Orange
Mix: Rohan Young, Lime Studios
Mix: Loren Silber, Lime Studios
Title Animation / Graphics: Elastic TV
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lahaff's picture

I have never played Fable, but this trailer gives me a hard on.

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Guest's picture

agreed. and I'm a woman.

Guest's picture

O wow! This song just gave me like a million chick-boners.

Guest's picture

It's like a David painting come to life! Love the alt rock audio/18th century video contrast. Ben Franklin would find this very cool.

graphikamaal's picture

Not played a game after Pacman so for me, it is truly revolutionary, the game i.e.

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Temple's picture

XBox advertising. The epitomy of cool. One more excellent spot.

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jackmancer2017's picture

I don't like the sound, no sound effects, e.g. on the gunshot and the rock-ish music isn't very fitting, specially not for people who played Fable before.

The animations are lovely but that's thanks to the game, not the ad. I think it could have been stronger.

Guest's picture

Are you kidding man!? It's da best!!!

jackmancer2017's picture

Well, it's my oppinion. I'm judging the advertisement, not the game. Game is lovely of course. Ad could have been so much more.

angieraj's picture


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Cognito Ergo Sum

Guest's picture

sound me like imperialism not revolution... excelent animation

esia's picture

OMG, how far away from the best of the fable trilogy. It´s just another pathetic but boring game trailer. Play the game before create ads or at least read the manual before.
Theres so much potential in Fable. Nothing of it in the trailer.

3 stars for game graphic.

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Guest's picture

f**** nice.

LeroyChristian's picture

very nice man, it makes me want to play the game...well done

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