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June 2013


Previz: Chris Meek, Jeremy Butler, Tyler Mele, Kevin Phelps, Joel SevillaModeler(s): Kevin Manning, Rie Ito, Bri Meyer

Animator(s): Chris Meek, Jeremy Butler, Tyler Mele, Kevin Phelps, Joel SevillaTexture: Kevin Manning, Rie Ito, Larissa Docolas, David Chontos

Production Company: Psyop, USA
Executive Producer: Chris Kimmel
Sr Art Director: Louise Smith
Associate Art Director: Colin Foran
Audio Director: Greg Shaw
Sound Supervisor: Kristen Quebe
Sr Director, Marketing Communications: Taylor Smith
Group Marketing Manager: Julie Lowe
Gaming Company: Insomniac Games
Creative Director: Marcus Smith
Studio Art Director: Jacinda Chew
Animation Director: Bobby Coddington
Environment Lead: Zach Adams
Studio Audio Director: Paul Mudra
Audio Lead: Dwight Okahara
Director / VFX Company: Psyop
Executive Producer: Luisa Murray
Producer: Shannon Alexander
Associate Produce: Minh Ly
Creative Director: David Chontos
Creative Lead: David Chontos
Designer: Andrew Park
Editor: Brett Nicoletti
Matte Painter: Andrew Park
Lead Flame: Thibault Debaveye
Lead Desktop Compositor: Lane Jolly
Compostior(s): Lane Jolly, Jonathan Iwata, Don Kim, Sven Dreesbach
Rigger(s): Sean Kealey, Zhen Zhou, Igor Stefanovic
Lead Animator: Dan Vislocky
Lighting Lead: Stephen Delalla
Lighter(s): Aldrich Torres, John Niehuss, Robby Branham, Hao Cui, Danka Chiang
3D Lead: Sean Kealey
2D Animators: Kendra Ryan, Song Kim
FX: Mat Rotman, Richard Tepavchevich, Ben Laidlaw
Sim / Cloth: Victor Garza
Sound Design Company: Soundelux
Creative Director: Scott Gershin
Supervising Sound Designer: Shannon Potter
Sound Designer: Patrick Ginn
Mixer: Chad Bedell
Asset Coordinator: Alex Johnson
Foley Walkers: James Moriana, Keffrey Wilhoit
Foley Mixer: Brett Voss
Production Company: Giant Studios
Project Manager: Connie Kennedy
MoCap Supervisor: Kevin Cushing
AD: Chris Gaede
Realtime: Elliott Perrigo
Database: Andre Popov
Production Assistant: Adolfo Sanchez
MoCap Talent: Kevin Dormam, Tim Eulich, Anis Cheurfa
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Sooo American in a good sense and bad sense.

Kazu Sato
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I want the gun that shoots out records.

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