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November 2020


Xbox and McCann London are proud to release ‘Bound By Ink,’ a salute to the dedication of the Gears of War fan base. The film, first aired during the Xbox Launch Celebration Global livestream on 10 November to introduce next-gen updates to Gears 5, showcases what makes Gears fans a different breed from those of other games – their passion, their grit, their lifelong commitment to the franchise. Featuring an array of real fan tattoos painstakingly edited into a new story, the film demonstrates the unique ability of this long-running series to quite literally get under your skin.

Loyalty to Gears, to the extent of people across the world permanently inking themselves with the game’s characters and weapons, has long been an open secret in gaming circles. It was this that led McCann to theorise that enough different Gears tattoos might be out there to construct a brand new narrative from them – one that spanned the whole timeline of the franchise.

Featuring a range of eclectic tattoos and tattoo art styles, both from old fans and new ones around the world who wanted to be a part of this experiment, ‘Bound by Ink’ brought them all together for a common purpose. The story shows iconic series hero Marcus Fenix battling enemies General Raam and Queen Myrrah, but facing defeat, Gears fans and new protagonist Kait Diaz come to his rescue, combining their weapons to finally conquer their foes.

Film advertisement created by McCann, United Kingdom for Xbox, within the category: Gaming.

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