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May 2009

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Film advertisement created by DDB, Brazil for WWF, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


In 2001, one of the worst tragedies in the history of humanity killed 2,819 people.
In 2005, the tsunami killed 280,000 people. That's 100 time more death.
Our planet is brutally powerful. Respect it. Conserve it.
WWF for a living planet

WARNING: This video has been reported to be not approved by WWF and was un
Advertising Agency: DDB Brazil
Executive Creative Directors: Sergio Valente
Creative Directors: Guilherme Jahara
Copywriters: Rodolfo Sampaio
Art Director: Guilherme Jahara
Photographer: Getty Images
Illustrator: Big Studios
Art Buyer: Carmen Castillo, Carolina Galastri, Clariana da Costa
Account Supervisor: Alcir Gomes Leite, Ana Paula Grassmann
Advertiser's Supervisor: Heloisa Helena de Oliveira
Producer: Nereu Marinho, Edson Harada
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ya its nt offending bt just warning about the real calamities

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I know it was a FAKE campaign and the subject was really offensive. But what a waste of time.

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it is astonishing that DDB would diminish the significance of the mass murders of September 11th 2001 to create this simplistic logic.
And conservation won't prevent Tsunamis; they're just as natural as hurricanes and tornadoes. Stunningly shameful.

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I don't much like this ad--the poster ad was better because there was a parallel between the idea of the wall of water about to crash and the planes about to hit. Having the planes actually hit weakens the analogy--it gets farther and farther from similarity to the Tsunami, and I believe they made the analogy in the first place mostly because they want people to realize inaction hurts in the case of "acts of God". Every knows inaction hurts after a violent attack such as 9-11--you don't stand by after seeing people killed by another group of people. But people seem to assume that human beings can have no impact on who dies in a natural disaster simply because it is a natural disaster--this could not be more wrong.
The ad is factually wrong--this is not a 2005 Tsunami, but one that hit on December 26th, 2004. The deaths, which occured in 11 countries across Asia, could have been prevented if the Indian Ocean had had a Tsunami warning system like the Pacific Ocean already had at the time. There were about 5 hours between the earthquake and the Tsunami, but no one knew it was coming. So, it fact, it was a preventable disaster--not the earthquake or the tsunami, but the deaths were preventable. It's like Hurricane Katrina on a larger scale--one of the deadliest disasters in history, and with better planning or funding, it might have killed virtually no one. Just like with better security and defense planning before 9-11, that might have been prevented, too. But afterwards, we galvanized and organized to keep it from happening again. People seem less likely to do that to defend against "acts of God" and "Mother Nature," even we are obviously living in a highly technological society. Global warming means polar ice melting--that already started. It means formerly dry land being submerged by the ocean--in some parts of the world, that already started. The similarity to the Tsunami is that it means mass death by water, that could be predicted and possibly prevented(the death at least, and in the case of climate change flooding, possibly the event itself).

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The campaing doesn´t try to prevent tsunamis that's clear, it´s about the power of nature and the power that we have to prevent events that the unbalace created by us may or not happen.

About the election of the motive i think it´s perfect, touches a fiber that most of the world recognize, and most of the knows, i dont think it pretends to diminish the murders, i think that the deaths now have the posibility to be the cause or something good, not like a war that we all now.

Im sorry for mi English because it´s not mi native language.

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And here it is again! LOL.

I'm glad you put this up here, Ivan. We need to use this as a much-needed opportunity to combat scam.

Our industry has arranged things so it pays to cheat. And DDB Brasil simply got caught cheating.

If there's one things we should all be against, it's cheating.

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Looks like this was just posted. First time I saw the TV commercial.
What do you mean by 'cheating'?

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WWF made a big fuss about it, they didn't approve this ad.

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Art Director
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He means that scam advertising is cheating. It is a 'win awards at all costs' mentality. It doesn't matter if the ad is real, if a client has paid, if it serves some marketing purpose, or even if it has run. We pay people more money if they win awards, promote them. Agencies are rated on their awards. It is no wonder that we contrive to get around 'difficult' clients by ignoring them and working on 'opportunity' ads - scams.

This ad is just the unlucky one that has been caught out. It is a huge problem in advertising today, especially here in Singapore.

It is tail wagging dog. The stated purpose of any award show is to raise standards by rewarding excellence. Instead scam ads stop real ads from being recognised, and may lower standards overall. Are you working hard to raise the standards of work on a tough, real-world client? Don't bother. Unless the work can compete with scams that have no limitations and don't have to be sold, it will get no awards or rewards.

Like counterfeit coin in days of old 'the bad forces out the good.'

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yeah and 9/11 was done by whom? aliens?
bad taste bad scam hope they get fired and banished from advertising forever

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I absolutely hate this campaign, it is just so pointless to compare one thing to another. The visuals are just so macabre, like a tasteless joke. It demonstrates the ignorance about other cultures and other countries and the negative impact some ideas may cause. When you are working for an international brand, you should be able to think globally.

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What the f***... why this is posted again... c'mon this created a lot contrversies in in the last post? Y again?... By the way I had liked it...

just write
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Copywriter at Banyantree communications
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mal gosto, tsunami não está relacionado à conservação do planeta, é um fenômeno da natureza, um terremoto maritimo.

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Ah conservação do planeta não está relacionado com tsunami??? poxa.. o que causa um terremoto?? seria o atrito ou deslocamento das placas tectônicas, que sofrem pressão das geleiras que ao derreterem pelo efeito do aquecimento global causam mais pressão na crosta... OPA! acho que não tem a ver mesmo com conservação do planeta.

A propósito excelente AD, cutucando os EUA que só pensam neles e em nada mais.

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ya its nt offending bt just warning about the real calamities

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'OUR PLANET IS BRUTALLY POWERFUL'... So what are we supposed to do? Pack-up and leave? I am totally surprised that WWF has approved something like this for release. Both the situations and the copy are acutely wrong to illustrate the intended point.

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Esse trabalho da DM9 demonstra falta de maturidade de uma equipe criativa que, mesmo consagrada, continua a viver presa em uma bolha. Nesse comercial vemos argumentos forçados, ausência de bom senso e o uso indevido da marca de um cliente que desaprovou essa mesma campanha por não concordar com a abordagem escolhida. É preocupante ver a propaganda brasileira chegando a um estágio onde faltam ideias realmente pertinentes e empatia com anunciantes, causas e pessoas. Seria mais inteligente, imagino, tentar justificar o salário trabalhando de verdade ao invés de apenas desperdiçar tempo e energia em fantasmas que tem como única utilidade alimentar a indústria de premiações e a vaidade do meio.

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political correctness champions will get you killed! ALWAYS!

also you communicate that wwf wants you to conserve a killer planet so it doesnt start murdering us again. well global warming and tsunamis aside is this really the to be communicated message?

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meteu o dedo na ferida mesmo
alguem se abalou muito?

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polemics and that counts for public,, I regret it wasn't on air.

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