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January 2009

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Film advertisement created by FCB, Canada for WWF, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: DraftFCB, Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors: Joe Piccolo
Art Directors: Joe Piccolo, Oliver Brooks
Copywriters: Chris Taciuk, Mike Richardson
Agency Producer: Kelly Cavanaugh
VP Group Account Director: Jeremy Marten
Account Director: Nadine McLean
Account Manager: Jessica Jaskula
Interactive: Catherine Baird, Adam Notzl-Keyser
Production Company: OPC, Toronto
Director: Woods + Low
Executive Producer: Harland Weiss
Producer: Donovan Boden
Director of Photography: Chris Woods
Editor: Johnny Devries, School Editing, Toronto
Audio: Woods + Low
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Dale's picture

Strange, the lack of comments.

About 10 seconds into this I was sure I wouldn't like it. Oddly it really redeemed itself. As an example of an awareness campaign I think this works. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised.

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does not get the point across. Which is...?

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Of course it does – provided you are somehow involved in or at least informed about the energy-saving discussion going on around the world...

Forcing Europe to switch to energy-saving light bulbs, for example, is nothing but a drop of water on a hot stone. Its is the industries who need to change their ways, not only the consumer. That's the point of the ad. So much energy is needed to even produce a energy-saving bulb that it is sadly ironic if not stupid to begin the saving of the world at that end of the foodchain...

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That industry and government need to be more energy efficient, and that WWF is working with them to make it happen. It gets the point across very well, though I can't say that from a completely objective standpoint as I knew what the ad was about before watching it (since I saw the print ad before this one).

All in all, however, I think the smoke was showed enough times to make it evident that it was a focus point.

Guest's picture

It's very clear to me. kudos on the spot

purplehazegirl's picture

a very unique style of execution .. i like it ...

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Guest's picture

As unique as Halo 3 Diorama wouldn't you say?

Guest's picture

So your saying Halo invented the diorama then too?

I think this is good work, maybe they could do one about how they manufacture the hybrid

john doe's picture

when halo came up using this technique for a commercial it was unique.
today they'd better come up with something new,

john doe
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Art Director
Guest's picture

why toys?

zohair's picture

hey nice ad... Nice thing with the toys

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hadrianapolis's picture

Straightforward messaging...

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Guest's picture

it's good they are advertising these bulbs (saving energy) when in fact from what i heard, they can create skin cancer.

why replace a product that was wasting energy with one that's having bad effects on ppl? where's the sense in that?

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The point it makes to me is that our personal environmental actions and endorsements don't always net out to a plus for the environment.
If you spec recycled paper, are you aware of what gets dumped into rivers after bleaching out the source discard paper? How would that impact the environment as opposed to harvesting a tree and planting a new one? 100% rag paper skips trees altogether.
Driving a Prius. Good for you! Where will all your old batteries eventually end up?

This spot emphasizes that you need to know the back story of the choices that feel green.

It's well executed. The diorama use is an appropriate right-brain suggestion about the matter of scale at issue.

teenie's picture

Wow. That sounds like a brief.

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Hibon's picture

i have seen muchmuch better for WWF...sorry.Straightforward "Canadien" boring ad!

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Simple ideas are the best !

Guest's picture

it looks like talking about china's acident in 2008

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so long as it is black." - Henry Ford

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Of course, this right away reminds me of the Halo Ad, but I think that despite the 'creative style' knockoff, it does a good job of putting in context how much energy is burned to make an energy saver. Sure there may have been other ways of executing this story but it gets the point across, and isnt that what advertising is about? For me, it really drove home the irony of people not changing their lifestyle or habits, but by simply buying a new product with a 'green' label they get rid of their guilt and think theyve done their part. (Maybe green wouldve been a better colour than pink, IMO)

That said, the CFL bulbs are still much better products than Incandescent bulbs because:

1) they use approx only 25% of the electricity
2) They last 4-7 years (20 000 - 30 000 hours), whereas youd have to replace an old bulb about 10 times, saving ten bulbs worth of materials and waste
3) They do not generate as much heat, are safer (cool to the touch) and more efficient in air conditioned environments

4) Not e benefit, but to clear up that previous misconception, CFLs do not emit the UV rays that can sunburn you, blacklights do. CFLs are perfectly safe except for the mercury vapor (about 1/10th of your standard thermometer) they contain, and should not be thrown out but recycled. Home Depot, ROna, Lowes, Canadian Tire, and some more all have CFL recycle bins near the entrances.

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Just incase you CD/AD/CW need a sculptor for your next project

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alnore's picture

I say it's amazing.
going green is more important in the process (making)

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all balls, no brains

erin montemurro's picture

I like the ad and the message

erin montemurro
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how do like them apples

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