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August 2008

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Film advertisement created by DGWB, United States for Wienerschnitzel, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: DGWB, USA
Partner / ECD: Jon Gothold
ACD / Writer: Steve Harbour
ACD / Art Director: Joe Cladis
Agency Producer: Scott Seltzer
Prod Company: DUCK
Directors: Docter Twins
Director of Photography: Simon Thirlaway
Animation Directors: Lane & Jan
Executive Producer: Mark Medernach
Producer: Jim O'donnell
Production Designer: Justin Trask
Editor: Melissa Timme
Animators: Jim Richardson, Tom Roth, Eric Molina, Jan Chen, Lane Nakamura, Dony Permedi
Modeling and Rigging: Brandon Perlow
Lighting & Texturing: Huyen Dang, Stephen Hensley
Compositing and FX: Joe Kim
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CGilb09's picture

Hahahhahahahaha. This is hilarious!!! And not mention a definite conversation starter, haha.

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sloppy4's picture

you probably could have gotten chris hansen to do this.
did the agency even check?

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carterartist's picture

I don't know if we did, it was before I got here. But, generally it's safer to use a more "generic" looking individual. I'll tell you, these are some of my favorite things DGWB has done, They were just finishing them off when I got here. You really need to check out the "Gotcha" spot!!

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sloppy4's picture

i hear you. don't get me wrong, love the spot. it just might of added some pr, talk value to it.
but dude's voice is spot on to c. hansen. nicely done. and i liked the gotcha spot, too. those are my two favs of the group.

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best of all three.

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