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November 2014

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Film advertisement created by Partners&Spade, United States for Whole Foods Market, within the category: Retail Services.

Advertising Agency: Partners&Spade, New York, USA
Creative Director: Anthony Sperduti
Managing Director: Fernando Music
Copywriter: Risa Mickenberg
Account Director: Jamie Arendt
Executive Producers: Erika Best, Andrew Wilcox
Production Company: Supply&Demand
Director: Gerard de Thame
Executive Producers: Tim Case, Charles Salice, Jeff Scruton
Head of Production: Rika Osenberg
Producer: Fabyan Daw
DP: Michael Coulter
Editor: Paul Watts / The Quarry
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Not bad.

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I had never seen a TV commercial for Whole Foods Market until these recent ones started airing. I think Whole Foods’ entrance into TV advertising was a smart move, and this commercial shows why I think so.

Most people who already shop at Whole Foods know about its promises for the foods it sells, which is why the target audience for this commercial seems to be people who are uninformed of what makes Whole Foods the world’s healthiest grocery store.

Consumers have been becoming more and more concerned about what is in the foods they are eating. Near the top of these concerns are growth hormones and antibiotics in meat. Consumers’ increasing concern about these things causes an increasing demand for meats that are hormone and antibiotic free – exactly what Whole Foods is offering. The grocery store is letting consumers know that it has what they want.

By getting its message out through TV, Whole Foods has the opportunity to spread the word to a wide array of people. I would think that most people know Whole Foods is a healthy grocery store, but maybe they do not know exactly all of the reasons why. Highlighting in this commercial what makes their beef so great helps give people confidence in buying meats from Whole Foods. Making consumers informed consumers could help lead to more reassurance in why they should shop at Whole Foods.

The decision to buy food that is better for you is easier to make if you know why it is better for you. This commercial may even lead some people to research hormones and antibiotics in meats, or talk with someone who they are watching TV with about it. When that occurs, they may also become worried about the possible consequences that so many people already are afraid of. And then where will they go to buy meats? Whole Foods.

Amanda Janczak
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