According to Hubert

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November 2008


Film advertisement created by TBWA, Canada for Whiskas, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: TBWA/Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Joe Amaral
Art Director: Stephanie Mackie
Copywriter: Mark Biernacki
Producer: Sharon Kosokowsky
Production Company: Partners Film, Toronto
Director: James Haworth
Executive Producer: Aerin Barnes
Producer: Sally Leggett
Director of Photography: Doug Koch
Editorial: Chris Van Dyke, School Editing, Toronto
Music and Sound Design: Chris Tait, Pirate Toronto
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justSylvia's picture

I liked this campaign better with a silent Hubert.

...still cute, in a strange pet loving kinda way.

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Crisp One's picture

These are fuh king comedy!!....every time I look at a cat, ive seen this guy, I just never knew it.

Props to Stephanie Mackie and Mark Biernacki !

Crisp One
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Other at New York
Guest commenter's picture

I liked when he was prancing on the fence... rofl

Guest commenter
NatalieM's picture

Ha. Wow! That guy does the job. He's definitely a cat. Funny execution.

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Topolewski |


BlackMikel's picture

Did I see a cat? jajaja, good one.

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BFB's picture

Loved it!

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Jet Propulsion Lab's picture

I loved when this campaign first broke a few years ago. It was absolutely HYSTERICAL!!!
The man just doesn't change at all! ;D
Nice continuation on the story of life of Hubert.


Jet Propulsion Lab
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Jet Propulsion Lab's picture


Jet Propulsion Lab
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Guest commenter's picture

Oh sweet Jesus Christ....

Guest commenter
Guest's picture

I love to see Hubert the cat....when do we get to see Part 3

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