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May 2021


Women often carry the burden when it comes to household chores, and have historically endured the double burden of a career and the social pressures of caring for their homes and families. According to an IBGE survey in 2020, women spend twice as much time as men on household chores.

Brastemp has launched an initiative this month with "Household chores are everyone's chores" – a new campaign created by FCB in partnership with consulting company Think Eva, aimed at promoting the equal division of household chores among men and women. Brastemp leads the conversation from a unique perspective – and a fact that Think Eva identified at Brastemp's request: women on average spend four years of their lives doing laundry. This is a time that men are free to use for personal development, career advancement, leisure, or simply resting.

In order to promote awareness about the subject, Brastemp is also extending the debate to its product line, by "launching" a fictitious washing machine dubbed "Brastemp Shareding Edition." The launch of the new product is meant to drive home that laundry is a chore to be shared by everyone, not only women.

Film advertisement created by FCB, Brazil for Whirlpool, within the categories: Electronics, Technology, House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: FCB Brasil
Strategy, creative and production: Amanda Fonseca, Anna Martha, Ana Paula Mancini, Andreza Cursino, Bibiana Saldanha, Barbara Feitosa, Bruna Rodriguez, Camila Galdêncio, Carolina Ferreira, Daniela Fonseca, Elton Longhi, Fabio Freitas, Fernanda Geraldini, Henrique Aquino, João Albertini, Leticia Hengles, Luiz Eduardo Doria, Marcella Huche, Marcelo Rizério, Mateus Madureira, Mayara Nunes, Nicola Aguiar, Paulo Bruno, Pedro Lazzuri, Pedro Paes, Priscilla Olegario, Rafael Merel, Renata d’Ávila, Renata Reigota, Ricardo John, Robson Cruz, Rodrigo Resende, Sâmia Reiter, Suzana Haddad, Tamires Santos, Thea Rodrigues, Tiago Santos, Thiago Ehlke, Thiago Iusim, Yllo Pedra
Production Company: Saigon Filmes
Director: Juliana Curi
Executive Producer: Marcelo Altschuler, Carol Pessini
Client Services: Fernanda Gomes, Rafael Costa, Karin Diniz
Production Coordinators: Katiucia Soares, Natalia Cardoso
Photography Director: Licia Jardim Arosteguy da Rosa
Art Director: Carol Ozzi
Assistant Director: Flavia Meszberg
Production Director: Roberto Bellezia
Wardrobe: Juliana Prysthon
Casting: Rodrigo Hoffmann
Assembly: Daniela Guimarães
Post Producer: Fabio Abreu
Post-Production Coordinator: Virgini Fares
Color: Adonias Dantas
Post Production: NASH Production
Sound Production Company: Canja
Sound Directors: Lucas Sfair, Eduardo Karas, Filipe Resende
Musical Score: Diego Zorrilla
Sound Services: Guga Costa
Sound Coordinator: Matheus Brandão
MField Crew Director: Flávio Santos
Artistic Director: Victor Godoy
Executive Director: Flávio Santos
Technical Director: Gabriel Lima
Client Services: Ariane Gancear
Think Eva and Think Olga Impact Director: Maíra Liguori
Think Eva and Think Olga Strategy Manager: Mariana Cordeiro
Think Eva and Think Olga Strategy Lead: Camila Camargo
Content and Strategy Lead: Débora Torri
Data Scientist and Production Coordinator: Isys Maciel
Think Eva and Think Olga Project Manager: Luciana Nogueira
Client approval: Andrea Salgueiro, Allyne Magnoli, Gabriel Silva, Gabriella Rosa, Victoria Sagula
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