What a drag

July 2007
Advertising Agency: M&C Saatchi LA
Creative Director: Martin Dix
Art Director: Jay Gundzik
Copywriter: Craig Ghiglione
Agency Producer: Wendi Weger
Production Company: Partizan
Director: Paul Goldman
Director of Photography: Glynn Speckhardt
Editor: Adam Parker/Chrome
Sound Design: Sam Casas/Lime
Original Music: Brian Chapman/Beacon Street
Visual Effects: Ring of Fire
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RM's picture

Nice work dudes, there are some really funny moments in this ad. You know when you can watch something over and over it means you have a success on your hands...and tvc's are meant to be watched again and again. well done, I bet the client was happy?

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jarkkoman's picture


I rarely like tv ads but this was worth to watch.

hmm maybe i watch it again :D

PP's picture

not unexpected at the end.
a waste of time watching.

Activity Score 66
Art Director
Brainsugar's picture

RM, are you the brother, the father, the grandmother of the creatives?
This film is honnest. Not more. everything is expected.
Is'nt there a ton of ads and films saying that with "marvelous petfood" your dog will find energy?
No,sorry, This is not such a good film.

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twelve_noon's picture

beautiful shooting but unfortunately there's no decent idea to support..

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Creative Director
Danila Cristina's picture

well it is not an A idea and everything is as i imagined. A good round of applause for the director because he has put the idea in a good way.

Danila Cristina
Mr Hughes's picture

Far from a new idea

Mr Hughes
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Mr Hughes's picture

I love when the woman trips over him. Other than that it's trite.

Mr Hughes
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bjsc's picture

I really liked the ad. As a pet owner (especially dog), it is fun and easy to relate. Very memorable!

Cripes and Gribb's picture

Original. Simple. Entertaining and totally watchable. Bravo on this ad.

Cripes and Gribb
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