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February 2011

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Production Company: Park Pictures

Film advertisement created by Deutsch, United States for Volkswagen, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Deutsch, USA
Creative Directors: Eric Springer, Michael Kadin
Art Directors: Ryan Mclaughlin, Craig Melchiano
Copywriter: David Povill
Agency Producers: Vic Palumbo, Victoria Guenier, Jim Haight
Planner: Doug Van Praet
Account Managers: Tom Else, Chris Carter, Pari Zahabi
Director: Lance Acord
Producer: Mary Ann Marino
Editor: Jim Haygood
Sound Design / Arrangement: Jeff Elmassian
Music: John Williams "the Imperial March"
Post Production: Union
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Highest Rated

daniel_glezmilan's picture

I love my Dad too.

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Copywriter at |

Davai's picture

Cute, what's the agency ?

Activity Score 614
huhjyu2bono's picture

Deutsch, USA

Activity Score 18
ivan's picture

Fitting. Thanks.

Creative Director at Ads of the World
Happy Housewife's picture


Happy Housewife
Activity Score 45
Creative Director at Vatikanid/Bournemouth University |

Stay hungry. Stay foolish.

mdb1974's picture

It's fun. A feature or a benefit that somehow relates to the nicely produced piece would seem appropriate though. For the average consumer this is basically a clever short brought to you by VW.

Activity Score 411
Art Director
mdb1974's picture

I missed it, low volume, I thought he just locked it. Now I get it.

Activity Score 411
Art Director
jackmancer2017's picture

Cute. But it has a remote starter? I can't see much point in that. But, definitely a good ad, I'm merely questioning the product.

HappyHour's picture

Do they not have freezing cold mornings where you're from?

Activity Score 2377
ivan's picture

Or scorching heat in fact.

Creative Director at Ads of the World
RighteousNixon's picture

Is this the first time you have seen a remote starter? You cant see any point in that? I would never buy a car ever again that didn't have a remote starter. Its the difference between getting into a comfortable car and getting into a freezing cold car. In all honesty, remote starters are easily in my top 3 car features.

Activity Score 5
HappyHour's picture

This made me smile on a Wednesday afternoon.

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daniel_glezmilan's picture

I love my Dad too.

Activity Score 284
Copywriter at |

writersblog's picture

Nice and I don't even like kids.

Activity Score 551
morse's picture

Best ad I've seen in a long time. It has humor, emotion and a clear selling point.

Activity Score 18159
Art Director |

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

appie's picture

Love it.

Activity Score 157
kurtberengeiger's picture

If I wasn't such a Star Wars nerd I'd say I'd seen it before. But since I am, I'll just say the dark side is strong with this one.
Charming nevertheless.

Activity Score 7357
ralphhasenohr's picture


Activity Score 44
creative consultant
talkingisfree's picture

No concept behind it. However acting and direction made it really nice.

Activity Score 2712
Art Director
janfagernas's picture

Great ad. The kid actor makes it for me.

Activity Score 27
Art Director at Is Good Creative
Glut's picture

No concept, just the kid´s acting.

Activity Score 3935
Public Relations at Glut. Ideas Boutique.
raulbanderas's picture

hahahaha cool

Activity Score 357
javier bizarro's picture

so cute

javier bizarro
Activity Score 276
Art Director at Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi
Quickgun's picture

Ohhhh... brilliant idea and the music is just perfect... Am watching again and again and again....

Activity Score 427
Art Director at Bangalore
StevenGBR's picture

Ha ha...Nice!

Activity Score 56
Creative Director
pez's picture

Amazing ad

Activity Score 1804
Creative Director
jackblack's picture

Well done!

Activity Score 2366
Art Director
bubblestheclownfish's picture

Are you all serious? This ad's only brilliance is in its ability to employ cuteness to elicit an emotional response to the kid, and nothing else. That last 8 seconds could have been for ANY car. That's a looong wait to tell us the Passat is $20,000. No product benefits, no reason to buy it over another. It bigger than the last generation? More fuel efficient? Better equipped? I don't know - 'cause this ad doesn't say anything about the car or VW. It gives me no reason to buy it, other than the price - and for that am I getting cardboard seats? An all-plastic sh!tty interior? Think about it before answering with "Oh it had 10million youtube views... you don't ALWAYS have to do boring car ads... or what do you know?" I know this - if you can swap out any competitor's product in place of your own, you've failed to deliver a compelling argument as to why the public should part with its hard earned money. 20K for a Passat. Big deal.

Activity Score 606
Creative Director
mwh.ADd's picture

I beg to differ with due respect, but sometimes it gets too boring to see a cars technical specification being slapped on the face in the name of automobile commercials. I think the ad has perfectly done a good spot promoting the good will of the brand in its target as families (with added responsibilities). The realistic approach to a kids fantasy, is compelling enough to trust the brand and go and have a look at Volkswagen site for the how, why and what of the car.

Activity Score 22
Art Director at Freelancing |

Art Director,
Miami Ad School, Miami (March 2012 Graduate)

abake's picture

It made me consider buying a Passat, because after the ad I found the brand more likeable.
So to it works pretty damn well as an ad...

Activity Score 1262
RMG Connect Colombia
HappyHour's picture

The thing is, you can't swap in any competitor's product. The entire spot is inundated with VW's brand personality, start to finish.

Activity Score 2377
Reality Check's picture

@ bubblestheclownfish,

While you are correct in this commercial lacking stand out benefits, a creatively-driven ad agency's only responsibility is to engage the audience, which will help brand recognition amongst viewers, thus increasing sales.

The agency is not responsible for improving the car, or lowering the price. That's not their problem. Ad men are there to make the consumer part with their hard-earned cash, no matter how great, or bad, the product may be.

(But you can see why advertising executives are ranked among the least honest professionals on earth, in the company of politicians, lawyers and real estate agents.)

Reality Check
Activity Score 2545
mwh.ADd's picture

good one.

Activity Score 22
Art Director at Freelancing |

Art Director,
Miami Ad School, Miami (March 2012 Graduate)

abake's picture

Brilliant ad, perfectly directed and great fun to watch. Makes me want to go and take a closer look at the new Passat, and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside about my son being a SW fan.

Activity Score 1262
RMG Connect Colombia
abake's picture

Forgot to score...

Activity Score 1262
RMG Connect Colombia
kholm's picture

Love this ad!

Activity Score 69
Freelance Consulting |

yakuks's picture

Bello, único y simple...

Activity Score 37
Graphic Designer at BBDO Honduras
RighteousNixon's picture

Absolutely brilliant. Simple, powerful, and very entertaining.

No offense bubblestheclownfish but you have a very narrow mind in regards to advertising. Sure, there are car commercials specifically aimed at showing you what features a particular car has but, to think that is the only purpose a car commercial can have is nothing short of ludicrous. The bottom line is that showing which features a car has is just one of many avenues that car companies can take in regards to advertising. Suggesting that a commercial is weak, which is basically what your suggesting, simply because they didn't show any features is again nothing short of ludicrous. I can guarantee you that this commercial was a smashing success in regards to how people view VW. In fact, I just heard on the radio that calls into VW dealerships, not just in regards to the new Passat, absolutely skyrocketed after this commercial aired.

Nothing ever gets a 100% positive feedback. There are always people that dislike something so its no surprise to see that some people didn't like this commercial. With that being said, the vast majority of people did in fact love this commercial so regardless of what some people may think of it, it was a huge success for VW. Again I think it was absolutely brilliant.

Activity Score 5
Maliha Naseem's picture

oh and nice car... I guess

Maliha Naseem
Activity Score 17

Maliha Naseem

Hellas's picture

I don't understand what makes this such a good ad. Is there a connection between VW and Darth Vader? What is the force and how does it relate to the car? Where is the concept and what exactly is the idea? To me it seems successful just because they used a kid and Darth Vader. If i'm missing the point can someone explain?

Activity Score 1172
Student |

"I don't live in Greece, Greece lives in me..."

HappyHour's picture

The point you're missing is that the Super Bowl is a medium apart from the rest of TV advertising, and isn't subject to the same judging criteria.

Activity Score 2377
gaurk's picture

Darth Vader had supernatural powers that imaginative kids find desirable. Now those powers are available from VW. That's the idea, what more could you expect?

Activity Score 37
Graphic Designer
krautland's picture


Activity Score 3212
Art Director at erm... no calls please.
proscriptus's picture

There's a whole heartwarming backstory about the kid actor, who has heart disease, too.

Activity Score 114
Copywriter at Redeye Media |


lavadrac's picture

Here is a website inspired by the commercial created by fans

Activity Score 2
Diseñador Publicitario
PANTONE® 230C's picture

that kid's acting is LEGENDARY!!
Love the ad!

Activity Score 8
Graphic Designer
JustinCarrasquillo's picture

DIg it! Seen!?

Activity Score 563
Photographer at Los Angeles, CA |

roya.rst's picture

SCORE!! loved it!

Activity Score 22
Communication Science at Siena University,Italy
rileyo's picture

This is a very effective advertisement and there is really not a lot behind it. It's just a simple ad based around a cute little cute wanting to have super powers, but it works. There is a very emotional message behind this ad and that is what sells. This ad tells an emotional story that a lot of people can relate to. It is very attention grabbing and works.

Activity Score 6
TorstenM's picture

Simply great!!!

Activity Score 77
Art Director
rephlex's picture

the best of 2011

Activity Score 64
Creative Director |


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