The Caddy Standoff

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September 2014


Film advertisement created by TRY, Norway for Volkswagen, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Try/Apt, Oslo, Norway
Art Director: Lars-Kristian Harveg
Copywriter: Jonas Grønnern
Account manager: Morten Polmar
Project manager: Cathrine Wennersten
Production Company: Bacon
Director: Martin Werner
Producers: Magne Lyngner, Mari Grundnes Paus
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Yeah that's the spirit huh

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I really enjoyed this commercial, from the obvious nod to the 1960 film 'Spartacus' to the stark contrast between the more compact Volkswagen vehicles and the angry antagonist's big, gas-guzzling sport utility vehicle. In 'Spartacus,' a similar scene occurs where the protagonist, a slave named Spartacus, is beckoned to stand up by a Roman army officer so that his followers may evade punishment. When he finally stands up, two of his supporters stand with him and declare they are Spartacus as well, prompting the entire group of slaves to stand up in solidarity with Spartacus and keep him from being captured and killed by the Roman Republic. Similarly, all the Volkswagen owners stand up together and march out as one. The commercial is not only entertaining, but passes on the message and idea that Volkswagen drivers are a community of like-minded people. I also like the contrast between the single SUV in the warehouse and the many compact cars parked near each other on the driveway up to the warehouse, which might pass along a message of convenience in parking for VW owners. The fact that the compact Volkswagen vehicles are all parked together while the angry antagonist is parked all alone further displays the strong community and solidarity of Volkswagen owners.
Another aspect of this advertisement that I liked was the portrayal of the Volkswagen drivers. When I think Volkswagen, I think crash safety, and when I think crash safety, I think of new and young drivers. The fact that all these tough, grizzly-looking, blue-collar workers are driving Volkswagens makes me think I should change my assumptions about Volkswagen.

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I'm flabbergasted by all these long comments.

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