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More ads TV spots posted earlier from VW's Drive by Optimism campaign: Volkswagen Apocalypse and Volkswagen Poet.

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dunno... Poet's still my fav.

Ed Mintone
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F*ck you Crispin.

So let me get this straight, if a VW cost $17,000.01, life would no longer be worth living.

I hate it when brands resort to the disingenuous promise to "improve my life," "complete me" and help me "achieve personal fulfilment." This takes that absurdly self-important bullsh*t to new lows.

Grow up.

Find a real insight.

A brand personality.

And an idea.

Then try again.

You know who
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@You know who: A product usually exists to improve on the life of the costumer in some way or another. There is pretty much no problem with these.

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actually, a product usually exists to make money. and usually advertisement exists, to make you believe your life will improve some way or another. but then i ask you: why isn't everybody happy by now? how many products do you think we need?

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This is lame in the extreme. I'm going to kill myself but VW great offers stop me. Student work. Like using jesus in a toilet paper ad.

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I wouldn't call it lame in the extreme, or student stuff, but it doesn't quite work for me as well...

Just tell me: How would you use Jesus in a toilet paper ad?

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