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February 2015


Film advertisement created by DDB, Spain for Volkswagen, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Barcelona, Spain
Production: Seven Senses
Director: Daniel Azancot
DOP: Christos Voudouris
Editor: Fernando Guariniello
Postproduction: Metropolitana
Colorist: Marc Morató
Flame Artist / Supervisor VFX: Manu Rastrollo
Flame Artist: Lluïsa Cuchillo
Sound: BSO
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This commercial for the Volkswagen Tiguan shows how fun the driving experience can be and the array of places you can visit
Throughout the ad the four men constantly change driving, as each wants a turn. Each individual is excited to drive the vehicle, as they feel exhilarated by the ride. This shows that the quality of the driving experience is good, things such as good handling and speed.
Throughout the advertisement the 4 males travel to a number of locations: woods, desert and finally mountains. The car is capable of going anywhere, no matter where the driver wants to go. Its able to handle off-roading along with normal street driving.
The target audience is easily recognizable. At the beginning a number of children and women can be seen in the background. This shows that the Volkswagen is not only an adventurous car but it can also be a family car. However the ad also targets men, as can be seen by the 4 males all wanting to drive the vehicle. This dual-usage open up an array of possible customers.

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