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I almost fell asleep watching it. Seriously.

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Can u help me to understand this vedio how its related Victoria. With which type of product its related to?

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It was a great idea to hide those lingeries.

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I find VS superbowl ad is somewhat lost in translation towards the market viewers of the Super Bowl. Victorias Secret is know for sexy women in lingerie obviously. I almost feel like they have forgotten that while producing this video. I only say that because when I think of the super bowl, my mind automatically shifts towards a male dominated market. And I am not trying to leave behind the fact that there is also a growing number of female fans that gear towards this NFL event, but in my mind within this ad, I do not understand why VS would take away the sex appeal of its brand. This ad will be viewed by men and women who are excited and amped about the biggest NFL celebration, wouldn't VS want to stir that emotion up with sexual appeal? I mean I think this ad is good in terms of being creative and different while guiding its attention to female fan growth in a male sport, so it makes sense why this ad was produced. I just think people will not care much for its content.

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boring and not sexy at all

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