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October 2008


Film advertisement created by TBWA, Canada for Vancity Credit Union, within the category: Finance.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Vancouver, Canada
Agency Producer: Mike Hasinoff
Creative Director: Paul Little
Copywriters / Art Directors: Addie Gillespie, Jon Murray
Account Supervisor: Christine Piers
Production Company: OPC, Toronto
Executive Producer: Jeff Low
Director: Brian Lee Hughes
Director of Photography: Peter Hartmann
Editorial Company: Tonic Post
Editor: Bill Hardman
Audio: GGRP
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sneakyhands's picture

the lazy activists are funny, but what revenue is donated? are they giving away my accrued interest? if they are then it's not really a high interest savings account. anyway, i'm interested enough to find out more so this gets a thumbs up.

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mattlittlegym's picture

Did they blow up something? I see smoke. Maybe it's tear gas..? I love terrorists.
I want my bank associated with that.

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Crisp One's picture

When you open a new account you get a free flag and a lighter

Crisp One
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Other at New York
Copy_Can's picture

Even though I've never seen activists fighting for poverty, the idea of an easier/better way to help those in poverty rather than protesting is interesting.

My only beef is that as SOON as the spot started, I knew both people were under arrest (on the floor), so that REALLY took away from the overall twist/reveal in the end.

I don't know what I would have done different. Perhaps show them talking as if they're standing against a grey wall, only to reveal they're actually on the floor being arrested by the police.

I really don't know. All I know is that it's a decent idea that needed a bit more brain power (specifically with direction) in order for it to really impress.

Better than the Pharmasave bag ads, though.

capywriter's picture

I agree... there was totally no surprise in the end. A wall that in the end turns 90° and turns out to be the floor is not such a bad suggestion...

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R3P's picture

True - it was easy to see past the reveal. And classic reveal style, the full FX track doesn't start until the reveal - the horse, the walkie, the guy saying "stay behind the barricade"....yeah. It was reveal-less.

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Production Manager at Radiant3 Productions |

geek's picture

Laaaaaaame. Dialogue was tedious, ending was cliche. I don't know what to say, TBWA. Disappointed comes to mind.

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kurtberengeiger's picture

Gee. I kinda liked this one. Straightforward and not much twist, but a relatively new approach...

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