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December 2009


Film advertisement created by GSD&M, United States for US Air Force, within the category: Professional Services.

Advertising Agency: GSD&M Idea City, Austin, USA
Executive Creative Director: Mark Taylor
Group Creative Directors: Tom Gilmore, Rich Tlapek
Art Director: Christopher Colton
Writer: Travis Waid
Executive Producer: Monique Veillette
Producer: Aaron Kovan
Account Service: Lee Pilz, Norah Rudyk
Marketplace Planning: John D’Acierno, Madhavi Reese
Live Action Production Company: MJZ, Los Angeles
Live Action Producer: Paul Manix
Director: Phil Joanou
VFX Company: MassMarket, Los Angeles
Executive Producer: Christine Schneider
Producer: Blythe Dalton
Designer: Richard Lee
Storyboard Artist: Keith Thompson
Matte Painter: Tim Matney
Lead Flame: Thibault Debaveye
Flame: John Shirley
Flame Assistant: Marcelo Pasqualino
Lead Desktop Compositor: Lane Jolly
Previz: Joe Jones, Tony Vela
Modelers: Andy Kim, Wendy Klein, Sean Durnan, Matt Berenty, Clay Osmus
Rigger: John Riggs
Animators: Joon Lee, Colin Cromwell, Yvain Gnabro
Texture: Andy Kim, Wendy Klein, Sean Durnan, Matt Berenty, Clay Osmus
Lighters: Kyle Cassidy, Katie Yoon, Jin Chong
Lead Roto: Jeff Kim
Roto: Austin Brown, Melissa Muerta
Trackers: Joanna Goslicka, Colin Cromwell
GFX: Chad Howitt, Joseph Chan
Particles: Keil Gnebba
3D Lead: Mike Dalzell, Andrew Romatz
Environment: Stefano Dubay
Editorial Company: Beast Editorial
Editor: Paul Norling
Music: Singing Serpent
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Highest Rated

satrianee's picture

Did I see two moons? and it isn't science fiction.

Saving a man everyday... Who is killing the others?

No matter how beautiful the clip is...

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mpared's picture

although spectacular I think we should stop advertising the army!! Offensive superiority …..lasts only a little

Activity Score 562
Planner at Bold Ogilvy and Mather |

yippieeyyeah's picture

No science fiction? Why does it look like from a computer game.
Think it glamourizes war and army work way too much!

No ads for army!

Activity Score 43
Akademie für Kommunikationsdesign, Köln
dsklan's picture

This ad is really a shame: recruiting teenagers by telling them war is as funny as a video-game.
at least saddam and ahmadinedschad recruite their troops by telling them they fight a holy war, for the us army killing seems to be just fun!

Activity Score 1924
Art Director at homeshop
morse's picture

As an ad it does it's job well. Whether the message is appropriate or not, that's a different story.

Activity Score 18159
Art Director |

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opposite of u's picture

you damn right u do this every day-starting wars, killing people all over the world, fighting your interests, making new world order, u stupid people....

opposite of u
Activity Score 301
Wordnerd's picture

you forgot the gore-part in this..

Activity Score 6690
sirvan's picture

Well done.

Activity Score 29856


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

alvinpck's picture

Isn't this a repost, Ivan?

Activity Score 1463
Art Director
satrianee's picture

Did I see two moons? and it isn't science fiction.

Saving a man everyday... Who is killing the others?

No matter how beautiful the clip is...

Activity Score 3746
jbsellars's picture

War: It's fantastic.

Activity Score 75
Web Designer/Developer
il nekro's picture

That´s right, this motherfuckers are all over the world making war like if it was a videogame. Great commercial, yeah...

Shame on you.

il nekro
Activity Score 74
APNEA Intervención Creativa - copywriter
thenewguy's picture

To those of you who are freaking out seemingly about American foreign policy in relation to this ad (opposite of u): I'M NOT GEORGE BUSH. We're on here to critique ads, and, that said, the entire insight behind the campaigns run by the AIR FORCE (not the Army, guys) in making the service look like a video game, is, simply, brilliant. Whether you agree with it or not, the fact is, war games are some of the most popular on the market (Medal of Honour, etc.) and the military have been using interactivity to this end for years now, ie. online games that are played both by kids in N. America and by soldiers overseas, which links a sense of reality to gaming and even allows gamers to chat with soldiers while playing. The games themselves are sponsored by the military, so they're actually recruiting support, even if they aren't getting kids to sign up, but they're doing the latter as well.

To say "no ads for Army" is like saying "no ads for business." There is no draft. People join the Army through CHOICE. You know? The same thing that you use when deciding between Coke and Pepsi. Fact is, the armed services are a business, and, as a business, they have a right to persuade people to join just like any other business. Gee, it would sure be a great campaign to show soldiers getting blown away and families getting folded flags delivered to their homes. Another fact is that sometimes they actually DO rescue missions, and their technology actually IS pretty advanced. Being a cynic doesn't mean this ad is completely inaccurate.

Opposed to what many of you wrote, there wasn't one scene of "killing" or "gore" or "making new world order," or even of an enemy soldier.

As an ad, a concept, and an insight, this ad is extremely well-done. This is evidenced in the fact that people keep signing up to go to war, unfortunate as it is. I don't agree with it either. But if you want to discuss politics, those of you who freak out about it, then go to a political forum, or write Obama a letter.

Activity Score 127
Copywriter at Quebec
satrianee's picture

C'mon bro... Most of us did not even mention the "nationality" of the "force". It's the idea of force itself that annoys most of us. is "no ads for army really like saying no ads for business"? So army (air force, whatsoever) is a business still needs support while already consuming a great deal of financial and human sources all over the world.

we are way more clever to see even much more deeper messages in this web site... this one it is so obvious: "come join us to make the greatest threat to anyone else" and of course they have to make it look good.

I even do not want to comment on "no scene of killing... gore... making new world order" We did not see a man sitting on the toilet and waiting for his intestines to work here too:

Activity Score 3746
Migzter13's picture

This the type of commerical that gets the army that steady flow of recruits thinking warfare is a first person shooter.
anyway.. still effective.. and I love how they used Hans Zimmer's 'The Dark Knight' soundtrack.

Activity Score 973
Graphic Designer at De La Salle University, Manila |

Stop Mediocrity. Start Creativity.
There are two kinds of people in the world; people who like mustangs (cool people) and people who like camaros (idiots).

bad astronaut's picture makes me want to join Cobra instead.

bad astronaut
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rhubarbcubed's picture

Not sure if many people noticed or not, but it looks like the first half of the ad is supposed to look like it's science fiction or a video game, and the second half is supposed to look like real life. It changes right after "It's Not Science Fiction." I think this ad could be more effective if this were made more obvious. Still, I think it's very effective in recruiting a very video game focused demographic. To me, this ad is saying, "Instead of playing video games... we actually do this. So get off your butt off your parents couch and enlist."

Activity Score 12
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