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July 2011


Associate Producer

Designer Red Engine, Andrew Park

Film advertisement created by GSD&M, United States for US Air Force, within the category: Professional Services.

Advertising Agency: GSD&M Idea City, USA
Executive Creative Director: Tom Gilmore
Creative Director: Travis Wade, Christopher Colton
Art Director: Christopher Colton
Copywriter: Travis Wade
Executive Producer: Karen Jacobs
Producer: Natalie Lum Freedman
Producer: Aaron Kovan
Production Company: MJZ
Director: Phil Joanou
Producer: Paul Mannix
Visual Effects: MassMarket
Executive Producer: Christine Schneider
Producer: Blythe Dalton
VFX Supervisor: John Shirley, Chris Sage
Matte Painter: Andrew Park
Lead Technical Director: Chris Sage
Lead Flame: John Shirley
Flame: Sarah Eim, Katrina Salicrup, Todd Hemsley
Flame Assistant: Jodi Tyne
Lead Desktop Compositor: Lane Jolly
Compostiors: Lane Jolly, Ryan Raith, Shahana Khan
Previz: Zee Meyers, Gary Abrahamian
Modeler: Wendy Klein
Rigger: Josh Burton
Animators: Josh Delaney, Taryn McLaughlin
Texture: Wendy Klein
Lighters: Greg Gangemi, Stephen Delalla, Mike Fisher
Roto: Krystal Chinn
Trackers: Mark Lipsmeyer, Colin Cromwell, Jason Locke
GFX: Joseph Chan
Particles: Allan McKay, Ben Fiske, Wayne Hollingsworth , Mike Fisher
3D Lead: Chris Sage
Editorial Company: Arcade Editorial
Editor: Paul Martinez
Assistant Editor: Andy Trecki
Executive Producer: Carolina Wallace
Telecine Company: CO3
Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld
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deleted opinion...nice work

Ron Burgundy
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Weak concept, if you want to call it one. Expected copy. Lots of production money attempting to hide it.

dean viii
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I thought it was good..

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It's *not* science fiction. In the same way it's *not* a lesson on salt-flavoured slugs. I gave up being sick of this type of reverse-positive smugvertisements back in the 80s, just after they'd been out of effect by a decade or so. Looking forward to someone identifying that plane and the close-vertical take off mechanics of something that size with its armo[u]r-shifting capabilities. Which also are *not* dreamt up by salt-flavoured slugs.

This is a nice cut-scene for a lame video game.

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I'm going to be kicked sh*tless for that comment, I realise that. But while we keep it friendly, can someone find out if that plane exists? Because if it doesn't, this falls foul of a slew of 'traditions in advertising', I'd've thought.

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Where's the idea, IDEA City? I agree with Gerry, this comes off as a cut scene for a B video game title.

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It's not science fiction... really?!? ya, right... it's only fiction...

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It's a bit confusing, but cool landing. :)

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.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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good visual effect, but cant communicate the meaning

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