We are at home to protect you

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August 2020

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We all understand how hard life can be during the lockdown due to COVID-19. Staying at home is the most effective way to isolate the virus. However, it is sad to see that some people don't actually treat this seriously. Therefore, How can we create something while being stuck at home, that can encourage people to realize the importance of staying at home? This film shows the solution. By coming up with an original script, we used the idea of " stock footage", to create a film based on the script and storyline. With a clear concept that is " Stay at home to protect you", every footage selected connects with others and tells the story. With the power of creativity, we can always be inspired by finding new ways to share the value, influence, ideas that can change the world.

Film advertisement created by Qumin, China for United Nations, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: QUMIN, Shanghai, China
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