April 2020


The message in how to wash our hands properly against the spread of Covid-19 is everywhere. But it’s dry. So let’s make it FUN. It’s time to reclaim hand washing as a feelgood investment in personal hygiene. In fact, the more enjoyable it is, the more we will all do this life saving task. We MAY even do it better because we’re having so much fun while we do it. So every time we wash our hands - let’s all dance and do ‘The Handwash’.

Cup your hands to the music, get into the grooves, do the finger clasp then nail that wash, embrace the thumb twist and don’t forget to rinse to the rhythm.This is our chance to dance. Big time. Let’s all have a laugh every time we turn on our taps, lather up and wash, wash, wash. In this film, people all over the world are embracing this dance to clean philosophy. We need positive energy right now. Dancing is uplifting and this is a film that transforms a life-saving chore into a joyful event. ‘The Handwash’ is going to take our self-isolating planet by storm and invite us all to dance, every time we wash away the virus and keep our hands infection free.

Concept: Mike Matthews, Mark Harriott
Directed by: Mike Matthews
Produced by: Jane Bolton /
Edited by: John Mayes / Marshall Street Editors
Cinematography: Dave Miller, Luke Cardiff
Music composed and performed by: Lee Baker
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Don't forget to save water while washing your hands..!

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