Corona Se Darona

April 2020


A free to use, no-panic, children's safety song on COVID-19 in Hindi so that parents across India can talk to children about personal hygiene in a child friendly way.

Children are feeling overwhelmed and scared with all that's going on. And there is a dearth of localized content that make communication easy and stress free especially in Tier 2, Tier 3 cities and villages across India. This video is being used by parents, preschool teachers, NGOs for their outreach initiatives to propagate the importance of personal hygiene to children.

Here's one among the many feedback we've received from parents "My child was terrified and felt like something very bad was happening. She did not know what was going and I did not know how to explain. This video made my 4 year old smile. She washes her hands singing Corona Se Darona."

Creative: Sneha Sundaram
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