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May 2010


Film advertisement created by WMIG, United States for Under Armour, within the category: Fashion.

Senior VP Brand: Steve Battista
Senior Creative Director: Marcus Stephens
Art Director: Brian Boring
Ideation: WMIG
Creative Director: Andre Stringer
Writer: Clayton Vomero
Coordinator: Sheina Dao
Development Producer: Danielle Bitner
Executive Producer: Tracy Chandler
Production Company: Shilo
Director: Andre Stringer
Director of Photography: Max Goldman
Creative Director: Andre Stringer
Associate Creative Director: Clayton Vomero
Editor: Nathan Caswell
CG Director: Tamir Sapir
3D Animation: Warren Heimall
Compositor: Joel Voelker
Coordinator: Sheina Dao
Development Producer: Danielle Bitner
Producer: Jeremy Yaches
Head Of Production: Julie Shevach
Executive Producer: Tracy Chandler
Telecine: Company 3
Colorist: Tom Poole
Music Composer: Darrin Wiener
Music Mix Studio: KMA
Music Mixer: Mixed by Supa Engineer DURO for Chairman of the Boards
Music Creative Director: Clayton Vomero
Sound Design: Echolab
Sound Designer: Gavin Little
Final Mix: Sound Lounge
Mixer: Peter Buccellato
Vocal Talent: André Stringer, Eric Ogbogu, Spaceman (Demetrius Beaumonte)
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Alusta's picture

With an art director called Brian Boring my hopes weren't high.
Then with the CD mentioned four times, once in a director roll and another as vocal talent mind you, things were looking worse.

And the ad, well there was potential, but in the end, not much to it other than the music.

Well done Darren Wiener...

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alexander_bickov's picture

Amazing direction

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Schirone's picture

nice nike courage ad.

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i'm here because i'm procrastinating

capywriter's picture

I dig the sound design.

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Copywriter at Freelance
Hiperion's picture

amazing direction, yes...but what´s the difference between others sports ads?

Activity Score 3092
Creative Director at zinkproject Valencia
Jaytesh's picture

That's inspiring as hell!

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Today's world runs on the bread and butter of a copywriter, "Short is sweet".

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