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May 2018


Vladimir Putin has banned gay propaganda in Russia, host of the Fifa World Cup. But here in Argentina, besides being socially accepted and legal, when it’s time to cheer our soccer’s National Team, there is no man or woman that is ashamed to show their love for the players or other fans. In other worlds we think that there is nothing wrong with love between men. With FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia as a context, we show Argentina's passion for football with a parallelism between Russia's condemnation of love between men and the passion and craziness Argentina's fans and players show, without remorse or shame, when Argentina's national team plays. Crazy celebrations, kisses among team players, and more. It's a kind of warning to Russia's president Vladimir Putin for what he is about to witness in his own country every time Argentina plays.

Film advertisement created by McCann, Argentina for TyC Sports, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: McCann, Argentina
Production Company: La Doble
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