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January 2020


If you ever wonder why plane food sucks, Turirsmocity provides you the answer
The agency Dhélet VMLY&R showed us the scientific fact about what happens to our taste buds at 10,000 feet above the ground.

Turismocity is a well known online travel agency in Argentina. In this commercial we see different people travelling while enjoying food in their seats. A man eating a giant sandwich, another one smelling a black coffee, a kid opening a bag of chips, a woman drinking juice, among others. All the food shown in the commercial is shot in a super tempting way, even a cracker.
How is it possible for them to enjoy airplane food? The answer is simple: They are not on an airplane, but on a bus at 0 feet high.
With this campaign, Turismocity launched their bus tickets offers for the first time and gave all Argentines the opportunity to have a delicious trip.

Film advertisement created by VMLY&R, Argentina for Turismocity, within the categories: Hospitality, Tourism, Professional Services.

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