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July 2020


After several months of confinement, the Mexican audiovisual industry needed to film again, that is why we created a letter in audiovisual format with a single purpose, to obtain permission to return to the set. This is a dramatic letter signed by an entire film crew. After long months of closure the entire film industry screams anxiously to return to the set.

Film advertisement created by Archer Troy, Mexico for Trabajadores de la Industria Audiovisual, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Archer Troy , Mexico City, Mexico
Creative VP: Mike Arciniega
General Creative Director: Carlos Fernández Oxté, Abraham Quintana
Creative Director: Gerardo Vila
Art Director: Arianna Grijalva, Melissa Ibarra
Copywriter: Gerardo Vila
Film Director: Alexis Robidet, Gásparo Daniel
Cinematographer: Aram Díaz, Mateo Londono
Production Design: Fernanda Contreras, Stephany Alcántara Trazancos
Production: Claudia González, Mario Hernández, Israel Capi, Liliana Moreno
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