My Bold Dad

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February 2015


Film advertisement created by Saatchi & Saatchi, United States for Toyota, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi, Los Angeles, USA
Music: Elias
Executive Creative Director: Vincenzo LoRusso
Creative Director: Michael Goldstein
Executive Producer: Ann Haugen
Senior Producer: Katie Overcash
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morse's picture

Touching. How does this related to Toyota?

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kleenex's picture

it's a superbowl ad so that can be missing at times.

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Web Designer/Developer
Liviu's picture

how a puppy is related to a beer? It is just a Super Bowl ad...

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rjaureg1's picture

In my opinion, the main purpose of this ad using soft music, family scenes, and memories of life is to create feelings in customers and to call their attention. As a person watching the ad on television, I believe that many people will hear the soft music and the sweet voice of a guy talking of the important of a father, and they are going to stop to watch the content of the advertisement. I consider that this ad is a good way to call the attention of customers. However, I don’t think that it is useful to communicate its ideas about the new product. The ad does not show the new features of the car or how this new Camry has improved. I think it should have been better if more details of the car had appeared during the narration. For instance, big stereo, GPS, nice and comfortable seats or anything that would have made people think that this car is an innovation.

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oalawadhi's picture

emotional ad for a Superbowl game to get people attention its great idea, but i don't see the combination between Toyota and being a good father. so in my opinion that when i child get big and let them make their own choices, it might be the start of the ads with explanation the new Toyota Camry, the internal, and how is it improve. it would be greater in my opinion so overall i think its great job,but not a combination idea. bust of luck!

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I am touched

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